1st seminar | Agroecology Territories and Pastoralism

13th of March, 2024

→  Challenges for the balanced attribution of pastoral environmental impact, François Lerin (AIDA), Claire Bernard-Mongin (Cirad) and Pastoral production in the Balkans context, Jimmy Balouzat (AirCoop)

Traditional pig farming in the Sava River floodplain forests, Alen Kis (Institution for nature conservation of Voïvodina Province)

Adaptative Grazing Practices in Pester Plateau, Tamara Zivadinovic (Mena)

Shepherd schools in Europe – a brief overview, Alice Garnier (Institut Agro, Florac)

Call for Partners: Presentation by Alice Garnier (Institut Agro Florac) of an Erasmus project on Pastoral Knowledge Transmission

→  International Year of Rangelands and Pastoralists (2026) :  Making the voice of the Balkans heard?