Bosnia & Herzegovina | The karst poljes of District 10: “Season 2”

Duration: April-September 2024.

After being part of the AgroParisTech collective training course in 2023 on the four main karst poljes of Canton 10 in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (Livanjsko, Glamočko Kupreško, Duvanjsko), AIDA is back on this site!

The support will be methodological and analytical inside the Gingko research project financed by the (French) National Agency for Research (ANR) “Geographical indications as common knowledge. Reassessment of current models of regulation and collective action in the context of agroecological transitions ». Claire Bernard-Mongin (CIRAD) has chosen this Bosnian case for the project on our initiative, territory which houses a dynamic GI made visible by the work of the APT internship: the Livanjski Sir.

Aida, via Orianne Crouteix and François Lerin, offers to be a facilitator and to participate in the supervision of the 6-months internship for a pair of students from Institut Agro Montpellier (see the Master internship offer below), which will be associate a Bosnian student; to provide the Enquiry and landscape analysis data in its possession; to participate in the restitution of this survey to local and national Bosnian actors; as well as a reflection on the potential mechanisms for protecting these remarkable landscapes & morpho-pedological structures – and also the livestock breeding pastoral activities which in part, shape them.