Balkan countries | ABC-B: AgriFood, Biodiversity & Climate

Agroecology Territories for Climate Action in Western Balkan Candidates Countries.

Climate change (CC) and biodiversity loss (BD) are bundled issues and one of the major problem of the environmental global challenge is to deal with both at the same time. This only can be done at the level of specific territories, that includes management of natural resources and agrifood systems, generally within common institutional framework. The objective of this action was, in the six candidate Western Balkan Countries, to identify and network actors in a position to carry agri-environmental alternatives strategies, dealing the CC/BD nexus both analytically and situationally. The six national cases were investigated through a collective discussion toward a common vision with a regional Balkan scope and in the framework of the processes of accession to the European Union. It was therefore a question of building a space for discussion and coordination to define for the Balkan region an integration path adapted to the European Green Deal and in particular its “Farm to Fork” and “Biodiversity” dimensions.