Symposium | Pastoralism, a story of the future, Paris 2023

On March 2, 2023, the French Association of Pastoralism (AFP) organized in Paris in the premises of the National Assembly the symposium “Pastoralism, a story of the future” on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the implementing decrees of the Pastoral Law in France.

Alice Garnier presented the recent work of the AIDA association on pastoral and land issues in Albania. The return to three pastoral areas (the Has, Rrungaja and Dukat massifs) made it possible to underline that under the apparent unity of the pastoral systems hides a great diversity of situations and dynamics, and varied land issues. It is also an opportunity to present courses of action resulting from European reflections and which could/should be discussed in Albania and throughout the Balkans.

Find the slideshow of the presentation below:

Pastoral situations in Albania, news and challenges (in French!!! but with very nice photos and graphs – perfectly understandable for an English locutor)

(Publication of the conference proceedings to come)