Just published | High Nature Agriculture farming in Europe – the strategic approach of innovation brokers

This article is the result of theEuropean H2020 HNV Link programme conceived in 2016 and coordinate (2016-2018) by François Lerin & Claire Bernard – who were working at the CIHEAM-IAM in Montpellier at the time.

Bernard C., Poux X., Herzon I., Moran J., Pinto-Correia T., Dumitras D.E., Ferraz-de-Oliveira M.I., Gouriveau F., Goussios D., Jitea M.I., Kazakova Y., Koivuranta R., Lerin F., Ljung M., Lomba A., Mihai V.C., Puig de Morales Fusté M., Vlahos G.. 2023. Innovation brokers in High Nature Value farming areas: A strategic approach to engage effective socioeconomic and agroecological dynamics. Ecology and Society, 28 (1) : 35 p.

More about HNV Link :

This leaflet presents the programme and the network gathering 13 partners and 10 “learning areas” from Sweeden to Greece (HNV territories)

HNV Link leaflet

Photo (banner) : Flock of sheep under an olive grove in Epirus (Greece), 2021/ François Lerin.